I sat on the sofa with tears streaming down my face as I watched a movie that made me nostalgic and extremely emotional.

But after a few moments of crying,I began to feel better.It was like a heavy weight was lifted off my chest.My spirits were renewed and I felt rejuvenated.

Then a thought crossed my mind that why is crying considered a sign of weakness when it can be so therapeutic.The outlet of emotions makes us more human..Isn’t it?

Then why are men expected to refrain from shedding tears and considered weak or effimnate when they do.We bring up our boys to be strong to handle every situation but unknowingly teach them that being masculine means being in total control of the emotions.

As a result of this,men usually keep their emotions,frustrations and anger inside which then sometimes surfaces up in the form of violence.Ironically for them being physically abusive becomes a sign of power and crying still remains a sign of weakness.We mould them to become strong robots and then complain of them being insensitive.

Why does displaying love make him romantic and shedding a few tears make him fragile.

It is even scientifically proved that shedding emotional tears releases oxytocin and endorphins that helps in uplifting our moods and make us feel better about any situation.

So it is okay to have a melt down once in a while.Pent up emotions will lead to frustration turning you into a boiler ready to explode.

So guys,cry when your heart is full of sadness,coz shedding tears today may help you spread smiles tomorrow..

8 thoughts on “WHY CANT MEN CRY…

  1. Good thought n very good observation..stay blessed..regards

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  2. Very good write up.

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  3. Very nice write up. Loved reading it. Keep posting. God bless you.

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  4. Well written and so very true. I can say that after years of ingrained expected behavior, even now I have an inability to cry about anything.

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    1. But u should..maybe behind closed doors at first but outlet of emotions is necessary.


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