Light as a whisper,

Brave as an arrow,

She tries to jump the fence,

But her chances of escape are very narrow,

With his love running through her veins,

Filling her heart with bliss,

She awaits the tides to change,

Coz who does not shoot will always miss….

9 thoughts on “Love

  1. Coz she is a badass with a tinder heart ❤️

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  2. love is a lie
    and here is why
    hate to love
    love to hate
    old short hair
    and the sons
    of bitches
    well attest ta such!

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      1. life experiences. not a smilin fool.


  3. Your poem is filled with the ebb and tide of a love that waits for more. Hopefully, a love not to be missed.

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    1. Love really should never be missed but nowadays people get over so soon and it’s the lover that’s never missed 😀

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  4. Emptiness Hasan August 16, 2019 — 6:23 pm


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