Her dad was her knight in shining armour..

She was her Daddy’s little Princess,

An apple of his eye,

But her life changed completely,

When she fell in love with the wrong guy,

It was not the bruises of the body that hurt,

But the bruises of her heart and bruises of her soul,

She was so broken inside,

Nothing now could make her whole,

Tears dried up,pain locked deep inside,

She wore a veil of Happiness,

But she was really dead inside,

She chanced upon her Dad one day,

His world crumbled seeing her plight,

Tears rolled down his cheeks,

But He plucked up courage with all his might,

He brought her home and days turned into weeks,

Depression wore her down and fear gripped her heart,

He instilled in her lots of confidence,

Her new life was just about to start,

And when she felt apprehensive,

He told her to fight some more,

Coz she would not discover new Oceans,

Until she lost sight of the shore….


7 thoughts on “Her dad was her knight in shining armour..

  1. men too cry
    and here is why
    i am not who i would like to be
    nobody sees me
    except He
    pain is a limit
    a litmus
    be wise
    for the now
    is all we have

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    1. Absolutely and men should cry.outlet of emotions is good for everyone


      1. tis indeed. fair lady.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. YOU SHINE. pray continue.

        Liked by 1 person

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