Two men looked out of the prison bars,
One saw the mud,the other saw the stars,
Man is not made to understand life but live it,
So focus on your strength and forget the scars....
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15 thoughts on “Optimism…

  1. I really like this. It reminds me of a longer piece by one of my favorite authors/speakers, Simon Sinek. It’s the story of two stonemasons. Here is a link: https://mezzanine.co/blog/2016/give-em-a-cathedral-by-simon-sinek/ Let me know if you have trouble clicking through to it. If so, I can send you the extract.

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    1. I read it.Job satisfaction is a must but how many people actually do what they really love.The right attitude is needed but people with right attitude will be happy in whatever situation anyways.

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      1. Attitude is important. A friend gave me a pencil that on the side says “Things are what you make of them” It’s so true. Cheers!

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  2. lazy
    moved to my own
    and the stars above!

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  3. Emptiness Hasan August 19, 2019 — 7:05 pm

    amazing Meeena

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      1. You’re welcome.


  4. It’s a lovely poem. Personally, I know now that I couldn’t chose my thoughts in some situations in time, so that sometimes the thoughts weren’t looking at the stars, but the mud. Sadness, being alone and feeling down, comes hand in hand with star gazing in wonder. I’ve not always loved the stars and learnt a lot from mud (or washing it out of my kids clothes by hand).

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    1. I can understand. Sometimes even I find myself staring at the mud but then consciously I force myself gaze at the stars so that I can strive to find some happiness in the tough situation.

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  5. Oh god…

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