Try harder….

Success is not permanent,
And failure isn't final ,
Trying may feel risky,
But giving up is definitely suicidal...

She sat on the ledge,anxious and distressed,trying to find solutions to the impending problems..Her daughter came and handed her a cup of warm water with lemon and honey.Apprently it speeds up the metabolism and helps in digestion.Sipping it,she realised the basic truth of life.

Life may throw lemons at you,all you need is a little honey to add to the hot cup of hurdles and savour the taste of life…

Now the onus is on you to find your honey and sweeten the sourness of your life.

We were not born with an agreement and commitment that life will always be fair.It is bound to throw some challenges your way.ADVERSITY IS NECESSARY TO BUULD CHARACTER.

Besides the situation will be resolved only if we get up and do something about it.So our choice is to either live with it forever or work hard to find a solution and overcome it.

So focus on finding solutions to problems ,not reasons to quit.


Life is a combination of Joy’s and sorrows…a mixture of sweet and sour….

15 thoughts on “Try harder….

  1. Been there beloved and done that, but now I know I will acknowledge your head posture and middle finger with the reasoning of Marshall Rosenberg.

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    1. Lol…glad I could be of some help…


  2. the world is not enough
    and the stuff
    we are mirth
    and to it we return
    to feed any and all tomorrow
    joy or sorrows~

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  3. “So focus on finding solutions to problems, not reasons to quit.”

    Well put! I dislike when people complain about things but don’t offer any solutions. I try to always have a way to fix something or I don’t talk about it.

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    1. I share with a few closed ones to remove the frustrations from my system and then with a clear mind try to find solutions

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      1. Yes, I do that too sometimes. I think we have to or we’ll go crazy. πŸ™‚

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      2. True and I think that’s why we have closed share our Joy’s and sorrows

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  4. This is an important message.

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  5. true true and true…!!!😊


  6. Beautiful quotes and great message.

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      1. You’re welcome.


  7. Having no words

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