“I Can,I will”

Destiny is either prewritten or rewritten,
Either be a coward and accept it helplessly, or be sedulous and rewrite it.CHOICE IS YOURS...

There are so many times in life we accept the situations in our life as DIVINE DECREE and surrender ourselves to FATE.

But the harsh reality is only lazy people and cowards sit back and blame God and their destiny for their adversities as it serves as a perfect excuse for their penchant for procrastination.

DESTINY is not something we wait for,its something we acheive. Change your thoughts and your destiny will change.

Be a designer of your destiny,not a slave of it.

By taking actions we weave our own FATE.Our destiny is determined by the actions we take today.

It is rightly said,”God gives us the ingredients for our daily bread,but he expects us to do the baking “…

Even God helps those who help themselves.So take responsibility and quit making excuses.

It takes hardwork,sweat and determination to acheive your goals.God always gives us the power to CHOOSE and it is the choices we make that determine the quality of our future.

So push your boundaries and acheive your goals.

Because the comfortable periphery you maybe now settled in was once an unknown frontier too.

Your life does not better by chance.It gets better by change…..

13 thoughts on ““I Can,I will”

  1. This is really profound and instructive. More wisdom for you.

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  2. People blame God when things go wrong but don’t think about it when they have success. Adversity is just a challenge to overcome.

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  3. this is really motivational dear

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  4. fate
    to belate
    the berate

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  5. We make our own destiny. I so agree! Oh yes there are “constants” that do not change and to have the wisdom to know so, and despite those constants we choose to keep growing and changing and creating our life, the more power to us. God does help those who help themselves. I’ve noticed at times, God seems to “wait” to see IF we take a step in Faith, perhaps 2 steps in Faith, maybe more, until He steps in. Great post!

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  6. Very wise words! Nothing will happen if we just wait for something to happen! If we want something, we must do something!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

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  7. This post is thought provoking. I totally agree with this
    ”By taking actions we weave our own FATE. Our destiny is determined by the actions we take today. ”

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