Mumma’s words of wisdom

Roller pigeons climb high and fast,

Then roll over and fall just as fast towards the earth.

This example was given by me to my son who I felt was digressing from the original plan of completing his masters in Bussiness administration and making his career steady and rock solid.

He belongs to the generation of teenagers who are like a car with a great accelerator but terrible brakes.With powerful impulses under poor control the likely result is a crash.

Anyone can be a good parent under normal circumstances,but handling a child being difficult with his unreasonable choices …well that’s a great parent and I was about to be just that..😀

So to crush his plans of making quick money and getting independent doing any business without demoralizing him was a Herculean Task but being a Mother you just can’t ignore any possible risk your child may face due to his misconceptions about life.

So I sat him down and bestowed upon him my jewels of wisdom..😊

That which grows fast withers rapidly,

That which grows slow endures..

It is so easy to get lured into the glittering world of deceit and immorality.The prospect of making quick money and getting quick success can entice the young impressionable minds to resort to dishonest and fraudulent means.

Slow success builds character

Fast success builds Ego.

If you are progressing slowly but working diligently and consistently,the progress maybe slow,but it will be better than working hard for sometime and not continuing for long.

There is no shortcut to success.

There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.

You may walk slow,but never backwards. Coz direction is more important than the speed.

My son hugged me and assured me he will never let me down.

But I am a jittery and nervous mother and telling a mother not to worry about her children is like expecting water not to get wet.

May God bless every kid through life’s trials and help them choose right from wrong.


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14 thoughts on “Mumma’s words of wisdom

  1. Emptiness Hasan August 23, 2019 — 5:04 am

    very nice meena….. God bless you and your family.. ameen

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  2. Nothing but the truth! We all should respect the process.

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  3. Great advice! Also what you said about having to tell your son the truth without crushing him is very wise. I wish more mothers understood this.

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    1. Yes..we all learn differently I guess…

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  4. The love for your family is a beautiful thing! Best wishes to you all!

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    1. Thanks a lot dear.And wishing the same for u and ur family😊


  5. Your son is fortunate to have a mother who sees things the way you do and can express it all so well.

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  6. Same thoughts with my children. Great advice.


      1. You’re welcome.


  7. Came to know about your blog through the comments section of twinkle khanna’s blog.
    I am a voracious reader , so got tempted to open your blog and go through it. You are an amazing author , read few blogs related to your son , just loved them all the more because I too am a mother of a teenager and being a mother is infact a herculean task.
    Loved your line , that telling a mother not to worry about the child is like expecting water not to get wet

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    1. Thanks a lot dear. Its great to be connected here.Maybe we will be able to share some solutions of tackling teenagers problems some day.I have three teenagers and you can imagine my plight😀


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