I will survive..

I maybe flawed, but I am a Human ,
I may look weak, but I am a WOMAN,
Like a Phoenix I will rise from the ashes again,
I maybe shattered and broken now,
Slowly but surely I will overcome this pain...
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13 thoughts on “I will survive..

  1. Seems like you are pushing away those ashes and getting ready to fly. fantastic. Beat those wings and soar and don’t look down!

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    1. God willing I will try my very best.Thanks for your encouraging words.means a lot to me


  2. You’re welcome and looking through your posts I’m getting some idea of what you’ve had to go though. It’s great that you have managed to stay so positive and now turning adversity into gold. Nice.

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    1. Thanks a lot.means a lot to me.


  3. What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger. Yes? Sounds to me you’ve traveled a road I’m familiar with. Keep on looking up. xo

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  4. Beloved AmyRose, I do believe the saying needs to be slightly changed to a more rounded way of thinking, in that: What didn’t kill us, made us wise.

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  5. I love your conviction! Cheers to strong women!

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      1. You’re welcome.


  6. It’s really awesome meena


  7. This is the spirit of pure rising like a Phoenix and being a courageous person.

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