True love is Forever..

With  Crescent  Moon on her lips and  Twinkle in her eyes,
When She looked at him, his time stood still,
Two innocent souls completely drenched in LOVE,
Wanted to soar high on the flying wings of the Dove,
For Her, He was willing to dance on the sharp swords ,
And bow his head in Prayers,
She was the angel of his Dreams,
Their Love had many layers,
But for the World,their Love was very wrong ,
Different Faith's made te hater's list very long,
They fought hard ,but the World was very cruel,
Anger and Hatred was these Monster's fuel,
But they refused to bury their love in the sand,
So they jumped off the cliff holding each other's hand,
Still their Love stayed strong like a winged elm ,
Coz some promises transcend the living realm...

7 thoughts on “True love is Forever..

  1. Beautifully written 💕💕

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  2. Wow!! wonderful poem. It is saddening to see True Love being persecuted by communities in the name of faith, rituals and dogmatic ideas.
    A sad end.

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    1. Yes..many love stories remain incomplete coz of all this…

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  3. Emptiness Hasan August 29, 2019 — 7:58 am

    The body melts with time, but the soul never dies, true love is like a soul, never dies, just it is realized,

    Your post gave the definition of love

    most beautiful feeling in words Dear

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  4. An emotional setting, but your words tell a story of intense love. It is a sad day when others, through their words and actions, destroy the fragile fabric of life.

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