True Gems..

She masqueraded Happiness behind her fake Smile,

Only a few peeped into her eyes to see her bleeding Soul…..

Among the plethora of relations we boast of having,how many of them are the sincere one’s who can really comprehend the opain,affliction behind your smile or Shriek behind your Silence…

Not that the rest of them are not your genuine well wishers,but only a few amongst them are willing to go that extra mile….

Always treasure such people coz they are the real treasure of your life…

At most times,when people cant understand your loudest scream,they are the ones who will understand your shattering silence.

They are the rare gems who will stand by you through your thick and thin and help you become a better version of yourself.

They may not be able to remove the hurdles from your life, but they will light the candle to brighten the path and make your journey easier…

They will understand the language of your silence and differentiate between your tears of joy and sorrow. They will unveil the mask hiding the deepest pain behind your brightest smile.

Always remember,You do not need a certain number of relations,just a few you can be certain of…

So hold on to them tightly coz They are the rare jewels in the stream of shallow pebbles……

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10 thoughts on “True Gems..

  1. A beautiful take on the precious nature of truly loving relationships. Well written!

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  2. gems
    seeing straight!

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  3. True, they are everything. We cannot take them for granted.

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  4. Lovely just beware of the pebbles that masquerade as gems! 💎

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    1. Mistakes of doing that often have made me what I am today…


  5. Well crafted poem and more. We all need a few “true” gems in our lives.

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  6. Well said! A few true friends are indeed treasured gems.

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