Never lose hope.

Just as Clouds engulf the Sunlight ,
But rains suck out the heat from the earth,
Tough times maybe draining off your energy now ,
But very soon your life will be filled with Happiness and Mirth....

16 thoughts on “Never lose hope.

  1. Meena I’m never sure if you are a happy or sad person. Your pictures always show you happy and carefree but your words carry a sadness. I think much is unspoken? Still like it though👍

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    1. Life is a mixture of joy and sorrows.Words come to mind depending on the emotional state of mind at that time 😊

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  2. natal
    to fatality
    cradle to coffin
    and wickedly
    by them who care
    not one fucking thing about moi~

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  3. your words are
    amazing..and beautiful and awesome

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    1. Thanks a lot China.M glad u liked it.


  5. Just exactly what i need to hear, thank you for more thoughtful words again

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