You are lovable..

She was a rainbow,

But he was colorblind…

How many times in a relationship have we felt this unbearable pain like our heart is ripped out and shattered and stomped into millions of pieces.?

And how many times have we condemned ourselves for the failure of the relationship?

Only if I would have done this ! Or Only if I wouldn’t have done that!..These questions torture us and we get into the dark hole of Self-blame.

Dont blame yourself,you did everything you could in the relationship. That should be your closure..

There is nothing wrong in moving on from being treated wrong. For years, like a sponge you have absorbed the suffering and carried it within you like a secret you cant share.You have more than often mumbled sorry with wet cheeks and mournful eyes but nothing has worked.

Now it is time to know your self worth and cut the chord.

Breakups hurt but always remember walking away from someone who does not appreciate you and your efforts is a gain, not really a loss.

Dont continue to hug a Cactus.The more you hold on to it,the more it will hurt.

Being alone is Scary, but not as scary as being lonely in the relationship. You have to forget what you want to remember what you deserve

Fall in love with the person staring at you in front of the mirror. COZ she has been through so much and YET She is standing.

Always remember, you cannot start the new Chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one…

All th very best and God bless you all !!!!!

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17 thoughts on “You are lovable..

  1. Oh boy! You keep nailing it with each sentence. The post is so on point.

    “She was a rainbow, but he was colorblind…”. Such an irony of situation. We need to learn how to let go and move on, for sanity sake.


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    1. True.dragging dead weight could be detrimental for our mental wellbeing..

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  2. no was no
    and so it did
    and always has gone
    as such

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  3. your words are lovable like Symbol of truth… Meena…

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  4. Profound and empowering! Your words will help others through those toughest times!

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    1. I hope so.Wish we could form something where people could talk about their pains and never feel lonely ever..


  5. Very true and profound words of encouragement, Meena. She surely was a beautiful rainbow.

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      1. Welcome 😊😊 😊


  6. Well written Meena
    ……your words hit …the heart.

    But what if one finds the truth in an relationship which you thought was super and suddenly you find out that the same person is trying to move in two boats

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    1. Find out why the person needed the second boat😊


  7. Meena, the use of bold for your talking points is very effective. I found much to grab hold of.

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  8. Meena, you have such a gift of touching our hearts! ❀️

    Would love to share a special message ….

    Kindly email me:
    may I please know your email add?



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