She will survive..

She lived like a flower in the desert,
And bloomed in the cruelest weather,
The "'tanning ' of Life had made her a strong Leather,
She was too burnt to realise she was sleeping on ashes,
She wiped her own tears and suppressed her emotional crashes,
Wounds on her heart and bruises on her soul translated on her skin,
Her chances of survival seemed very thin,
But her desire to reach for the stars was very much alive,
Her revenge on life was her WILL TO SURVIVE...
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21 thoughts on “She will survive..

  1. I nominated you for Liebster Awards

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    1. Hey..thanks a lot for nominating me dear.But m new to blogging and dont know much about it.But really heartfelt gratitude for ur nomination.thanks a lot but I really dont know what to do next😊

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      1. Please read the full text in which the I says what you need to do next.

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      2. This shows your post..I am technology illiterate I thanks anyways…

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      3. The rules of this award are written in my post

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  2. It is great.
    Thank you for following my posts.
    Any help, information and collaboration, text me on my contacts are on my website.
    Welcome in London to enjoy tours.

    Best wishes

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  3. why not
    that s hot
    water and air
    like sarah
    in saudi arabia
    using her sons
    i phone

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  4. Wonderfully written poem! I could feel her will to survive.

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  5. inspirational

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      1. You’re welcome. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–


  6. Nice words. But the other thing is that we are also feel happy after see your smiling face..❀️

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