Words can be magical…

Words can be sharp as a knife or sweet as honey,
Being gentle and kind does not cost any money,
Words have the power,they can create or destroy,
And shut all the passages of happiness and joy,
A gentle word can open Iron Gates ,
Be a music for the soul,even avoid many debates,
A tongue has no bones,but can even break a heart,
But remember, in all external Grace you have a part....

Words are the indespensible tool for communication.It is the most powerful force available to Humanity.When spoken with truth, your words have the ability to change lives.

Words can bring greatest happiness or deepest despair.

They are a medium to express.Often we take them lightly and feel even if we have misspoken , it will be forgotten with time.But what we dont realise is words create memories which maybe cherished or may haunt people forever.

Words create emotions, emotions create actions and actions yield results and change lives. So use your freedom of speech wisely. Dont speak to offend people. The person you are offending is fighting his own battle. If we cannot reduce anyone’s pain, let’s not alleviate it with our insensitive words.

Words have the power to crush the heart or heal it,

They can shatter dreams or nurture them with hope.

Choose your words to inspire and motivate people.

Kind words echo and spread happiness and joy everywhere. They comfort people in the time of their need and nourish their soul.So try to inspire people through your words and help build someone’s life.

Always remember, Words once spoken can only be forgiven but never forgotten.

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15 thoughts on “Words can be magical…

  1. You’ve put it very beautifully.

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  2. your words are most beautiful….


  3. I always try to make sure my words help to make people feel positive. Good advice here!

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  4. both ways
    silver linings

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  5. your words always magical Dear.. God bless you

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  6. Positive words bring out the best in all parties concerned.

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  7. Indeed, spoken words don’t come back.

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