Anger and wrath..

Angry and Wild,
Far from being her usual mild,
With hatred and hurt as her only saviour,
Frustrations fed on her expectations,
One wrong turn took her to the wrong destination,
Sipping acid of anger she spent her days,
And died each minute in a million ways...

Anger..a very familiar emotion we all go through.We all are aware of the long term health risks of anger and are also aware of several ways to manage it.

But what does one do when the triggers are continued and the emotion is so high that there is no will also to seek help.

Every ailment is curable,but it is the will of the person suffering that decides if it will be cured or not.Whether he will choose to handle the inevitable stress in some healthy way to protect his physical and mental well being or not.After all it is the will to improve that makes you take steps in the direction of seeking Help.

Usually people manage anger by either lashing out or silently suffering keeping it bottled up inside and opting to use any addiction like smoking or drinking to pass off that anxiety period.

Lashing out may bring our grievances out in the open giving an opportunity of sorting things out by dialogue but may also worsen things coz of the tone used for expression.

So what does one do when he is helplessly angry,frustrated and stressed out ……

Well,my children’s exams are approaching and I have to teach them 9 chapters in Maths.

If I survive this period somehow managing the stress,will definitely let you all know how I did it or will post the update about how much damage I caused coz of my anger management issues..πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Have a blessed day😊

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11 thoughts on “Anger and wrath..

  1. It’s great that you have a hand in teaching your children! I wish my parents did the same.

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    1. But I loose my patience so much while teaching that m sure my kids must think of it more a liability than an

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      1. They will look back on it fondly in the future, though.

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      2. I certainly hope so.All I want then to know and never doubt is whatever I do,I have only their best interests on mind.

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  2. Great..✍️✍️

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      2. My email Id is…kindly let me know what u would have in mind..


      3. Send you a mail plz check it..!!


  3. Anger put me in lot of trouble.

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