Love hurts…

He threw her heart on the wall ,
Like it was some feathery ball ,
And each time it bounced back to him ,
He was sure it will attend to his every whim ,
But one day it shattered like a Snowball ,
He broke her, yet made her strong as a Stonewall ,
One day in his soul he will feel an inner lack,
But a broken heart can never be fixed back.....
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15 thoughts on “Love hurts…

  1. What can I say? It’s deep.

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  2. vulva
    mind gaslight
    and bit by bit
    she knew
    she was alone
    by the phone
    and sons too!

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  3. Precious words,Heart touching

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  4. Powerful words that give a sad realization
    Beautifully expressed emotions 💚💚

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  5. very true

    reason for which I have remained single…for years upon years

    the hurt lasts too long

    and when it finally subsides, one can feel stupid for having wasted one’s life on rotten relationships

    wasted times we most grow and be strengthened to be wiser from

    keep goin’, girl!

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    1. Agree with u completely. I feel bad about the time I have wasted trying to work things out even though I knew m banging against a stonewall..

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    1. Expectations bring in disappointments😊


  6. Well designed! When love hurts, the pain naturally builds coping mechanisms.

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