Speak up or fade away…

She was beaten, assaulted, thumped and thrashed ,
Time and again his demons lurked into her room giving her nightmares,
She often shed blood instead of tears,
Applying fears to Hope's and Hope's to fears,
Her Silence then became a sign of her weakness,
She unknowingly kept fueling his sickness,
His opression then became more brutal,
Her good never made his evil neutral,
One day a hard blow made her fall on the ground ,
And she slept peacefully henceforth without making any sound.....😔😔😔😔

We all are familiar with the term ,"Domestic Violence" and all the help that can be provided to the victim. The woman going through the pain and agony is also aware of her legal rights. Then why do most women suffer in silence?
We live in a patriarchal Society where men proudly dominate their Women and females carry the burden of upholding family's name and reputation at any cost...
Breaking a relationship after soliciting Societys blessing is an unpardonable sin and we all abide with the unwritten rule that marriage is forever.I do believe in the sanctity of marriage and the relationship should be for better or for worse but the 'worse' should be circumstances beyond our control and not something inflicted upon us by a beast we call our OWN.
Victims of this violence are trapped in these situations through isolation, cultural acceptance, lack of financial resources, fear, shame or to protect children.They also suffer mental abuse which leads to depression making them feel worthless.
Domestic Violence does not go unnoticed every time but the pressure of the Society and the fear of what will people think is so enormous that most women suffer silently till it's too late..
There are several instances where women do want to take action but the family members subtly pressurize them to stay in the relationship to preserve their name in the Society.So they continue to suffer in silence and sometimes even end their lives when they cant take it anymore.
This is an appeal to the relatives of such innocent victims who may not even offer a hand for help, ' Do not pressurize them coz the result may be fatal"
And a request to women in this situations to hold their head high with dignity and walk out leaving the fear of being a stigma on the society behind coz YOU ARE WORTH IT.Remember it is always the first step that is harder to take.
Life may get tough but there will be peace and self respect.
Always remember Sun rise is the proof of new beginnings after complete darkness..

Stay blessed.
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8 thoughts on “Speak up or fade away…

  1. The World is characterized by such an unpleasant experiences. Both men and women share the same experience. There is no doubt about it.

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  2. May all the Silent Voices Roar like a Lion , take back their lives!

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  3. Yes absolutely true Meena. My mom was a victim of this violence, that time I understood that men feel very insecure and don’t have any answer to give to his wife so they use violence to silence her…..

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  4. live to stay
    beyond today
    attest to evil
    and do all some good!

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  5. “Life may get tough but there will be peace and self respect.
    Always remember Sun rise is the proof of new beginnings after complete darkness..”

    Ohhh how profoundly true, Meena! And just as sure as the sun will rise, we all rise with hope …. and rise from the ashes…. reclaiming VICTORY that is rightfully ours! ❤️❤️❤️

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