She loved him with his scars,

Only to be rejected by him for her stretchmarks years later…

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15 thoughts on “Beauty?

  1. pain
    i m not what i never
    ha ha ha

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  2. The brevity only adds to the strength of your words! Nicely done!

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  3. ❀

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  4. I would say: Good riddance..
    Let him go wherever he wants to. She atleast got free from the clutches of a fake person and can now freely pursue some genuine person..

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      1. It is simple if you wish so.. Remember your post on “Destiny”???? 😊

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      2. Good to know.. 😊
        And I do remember your post on Strong Women as well..
        So, from the ashes should a strong woman rise and fly towards her glory..
        Her destiny lies in her hands..
        Don’t you think?

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      3. There are too many factors that may be preventing her from soaring high😊

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      4. But, as you (and many, including me) say and know: Her destiny is in HER hands.. 😊
        I believe in her strength.. a few stretch marks can definitely not be her weakness..

      5. True.Thanks for your encouraging words

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      6. Well, you need not thank me for the encouraging words you spoke yourself.. 😊
        You are welcome.. ☺️

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