What goes around, always comes around,
In lash for lash and bound for bound,
The axe will forget but the tree will remember,
However hard you try but will have to surrender,
If you have created the storm, be prepared for the rain,
The sinners soul will forever be in pain,
Karma never forgets any address, they say,
When you are served the bill, be prepared to pay....

Karma is like an institution teaching us to take responsibility for our own actions. If we do good to people, we will be rewarded and if we inflict pain and sorrow, we are bound to suffer some day.

Seeing a lot of evil people happy, I often wondered why they are not being punished.But with time I realised that they will pay for their bad karma some day.Right now they are just reaping the benefits of the good karma they must have done sometime.

Karma is very unforgiving.

There is no delay,chaos or confusion in the realm of God. If there is no balance of good deeds to my credit, I cannot draw a cheque of happiness and hope to have a content life…

So always be kind and good to others.

Coz kindness may not cost a penny but will surely give u copious amount of happiness …

Have a nice day….

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17 thoughts on “Karma.

  1. I used to have this silly idea when I was much younger that for there to be bad karma there had to be certain people in the world which had to accept all of the bad karma at the end of the chain and that I was one of them. That’s not even how karma works, though, is it?

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    1. Karma’s be it good or bad are earned by our actions.What we sow, we shall reap.

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  2. I completely agree with your words of inspiration and for sure what goes around will come around and Karma does not leave you but one can surely learn to be kind with people around. Nice post, Meena.

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      1. Welcome 😊😊 😊

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  3. karma
    to kismet
    fate love to hate
    four letters
    i am not
    shot to hell
    nor a victim
    or a predator
    i am me
    it will go!
    you too

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  4. very true post Dear
    i am also believe in karma…!!!

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  5. Very well written πŸ‘Œ

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      1. Welcome jiπŸ˜ŠπŸ™


  6. wise words, nice to meet you!

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      1. most welcome πŸ™‚


  7. Here, if I may say, I beg to disagree.
    You have written about the evil people being happy now, which is largely, a fact. And seeing the suffering around the world, especially of the innocents, don’t you think Karma is some imaginary process?
    Many evil doers do the evil and die their natural deaths. To me, that’s no Karma at all.
    Of course, this is a personal opinion. You might have examples to show otherwise.

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    1. I used to question this myself.But I have seen the rich and happy looking people suffering mentally and not at peace.We judge their happiness from the superficial things they have.But if you look deep,u may see a very sad human.

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  8. I totally believe in Karma. Be good and good will come to you. Very well writtenπŸ‘Œ

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