Regret maybe a small word,
But can bring a lot of sorrow,
What pierces our heart each day,
Is the wound by our own arrow,
Noone ever regretted by giving their best,
Only you can bring the best twig for your nest....
The joy of life comes from our encounters with different experiences and the lessons we learn from them. We all want to live in such a way that we can look back in awe at the highlights of our lives.
But everyone has some Regrets about the mistakes they made or the chances that they didnt take. About how they could have done things differently and improved the quality of their lives.
Most people live their lives trying to fit into the mould created for them by the people they benefit from and try to impress them with their fake personality. And then regret for the life's opportunity misused. Regret causes sorrow and negative emotions that play a havoc in our lives..
Dont waste time regretting but never forget the lessons learnt from it.
Make the mistakes of your past the WISDOM of your future...
Regret is the punishment we inflict on ourselves. Make regret bring a realization of your mistakes and a hope for a change.
Be happy that you are alive to amend and do things differently.
Dont drive your life's car in the reverse direction. Take charge and Step on the accelerator and increase the speed of your life in the forward direction coz it is YOU and only YOU who can change your LIFE.

All the very best๐Ÿ‘

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2 thoughts on “Regret….

  1. they we
    all took a vow
    and look at it now
    pfft gone like the wind

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  2. Quite encouraging thoughts. These would help me get into a better frame of mind, after facing certain challenges.

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