Time,the physician?

Is time the biggest healer,
Or the strongest pain concealer,
Does time kick in Amnesia,
Or gives our heart a dose of Anesthesia,
Do memories of ache and agony just fade away,
Do the smile's hide what the soul may betray.......

Is time really the best healer?

Does time really heal the wounds of the heart and sorrows of the soul?

I dont think so. Time may cover the lesion with the scar tissue but the pain is never lessened. The scab formed in the heart may get buried beneath the layers of different priorities and other responsibilities but whenever we sit back, memories scrape the safety net and the lacerations surface up, still very raw, still very painful.

Today is the day when my mother was admitted in the hospital for her by-pass surgery 15 years back that was scheduled to take place the next day. She passed away during the operation. Apparently the doctor who was supposed to test her blood for allergies negligently ignored it and after the successful surgery when the injection was administered for thickening the blood, her body reacted adversely and her heart failed. A life was lost and a family was shattered. My Father never really got over the pain and loss and passed away after 2 years.

Life did get busy with bringing up my 3 kids but the pain has not reduced. Whenever I sit idly, the memories keep rushing back and the pain oozes out staining my life with tears and sorrow.

Time only makes you busy and increases your responsibilities leaving you less time to think and remember your old wounds and unbearable grief.

Time may subside the pain, but is definitely not the painkiller.

Time maybe the best teacher but isn’t the best healer……

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18 thoughts on “Time,the physician?

  1. Time makes the memories dim, but we don’t forget. It’s like a scab on the wound. Don’t mess with it and you won’t feel the pain that strongly. But if you scrap it off then it starts to bleed again.

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    1. True.But there are certain days when the memories pull off the scab and the wounds become raw again

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  2. Very true! Our daily chores may make our memories dim but definitely we don’t forget…I’ve lost my mom almost 10 years ago and sometimes I feel it like it was yesterday…time passes by but our heart can never forget.

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  3. This is so true. Great post.

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  4. True and I completely agree with your post, Meena. Time is not the best healer it will keep you busy but once you sit quietly it will make you remember your past.

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  6. It’s horrible what happened to your mum and the pain hurts. I’m guessing you also have some wonderful memories of both your mum and dad. Nourish and cherish those memories 🙂

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    1. I do..and maybe m greedy.i.wanted some more time with them

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  7. I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. I can feel you for we lost a father suddenly seven years ago without warning.

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  8. very true dear

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  9. Sorry to hear about your irreparable loss.. Pray you get the strength to bear such a huge loss.

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  10. So sorry for your loss.

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