You maybe a savage bully,
Who pushes me and pulls me,
Tyrannizes the whole playground,
And forever ignores my tearful plea,
Your words haunt me in the night,
With noone I can even share my plight,
The pillow of mine is soaked with tears,
My life I lead in the shadow of fears,
But I know you too aren't a happy soul,
Dejection and Despair fills your empty bowl,
Happy Souls glow and always spread cheer,
They dont pull anyone down or bring sadness near,
You make everyone suffer coz of your own complexes,
Your tormented soul has aggressive reflexes,
But blowing someone's candle wont make yours shine brighter,
Causing hurt and pain will not make
your burden any lighter,
What bothers you so much,my dear,
Speak out your troubles without any fear,
Bullying maybe a disease, but it is not a curse,
Treating maybe difficult, but ignoring it will make it much worse,
Once cured, in your life love will overflow,
You will reap happiness if kindness you will sow....

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8 thoughts on “Bullying…

  1. The perfect medicine to bullying is speaking to the bully in the language the bully understands.. Works everytime.. A bully’s strength is when the victim chooses to tolerate or ignore.. No one should give that to the bully..

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    1. Ya..but that way he will he scared of u and might spare you but the underlying problem wont be resolved and he will bully someone else

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      1. You are right Madam.. Completely agree on this..
        Think of your medicine as a “tranquiliser”.. Demolish the aggressive behaviour, calm the bully down.. then you can ponder over the root cause of bullying and find out ways to eliminate it..

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      2. And I completely agree on this๐Ÿ˜Š

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  2. I recall a girl who would sit on the kissing gate and bully me as I walked through near the school. Later as a young adult she had the most horrific accident by being propelled from the back of a motor bike and died. This for a while I was also thrown into a weird confusion over all the aggravation she had given me, how as a child I had no idea what to do and still as a young adult how I was to think about it all.

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  3. I know someone who was bullied when he was little. It was so bad that he would do anything to be part of them yet nothing improved. He ignored it. Now all he does is trying to please people, his level of confidence not the best either. It’s sad.

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    1. Very sad.it gives so many complexes and depression.

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  4. force it
    face it
    to me
    about their self hate
    and then we may relate
    from the other fella s shoez!~


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