Six yards of pure grace…

She wore a six yards unstitched apparel ,
That she had stored in the bottom of the barrel,
It covered her beauty with its layers,
Amongst all, she felt like a biggest player,
Sarees are like dresses with a Soul,
And now she reigns without control,
She felt like a beautiful rose without a thorn,
When grace and culture shook hands, Saree was born....

Saree is a traditional dress worn by Indian Women and is worn in different styles in different parts of the country.

IT is like a canvas for weavers and printers to create artistic weaves, prints and jewelled or gold ,silver embellishments.

This six yard unstitched fluid garment draped over and around the body adjusted with little tucks and pulls is the most graceful and vivacious ethnic outfit worn by Indian Women.

It is rightly said, “If Women are the best Gift, then Saree is the most beautiful Gift wrap….

Coz Elegance never goes out of Style….

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27 thoughts on “Six yards of pure grace…

  1. Yes, Sarees are a wonderful dress. I know that because even though my better half has so many of them in the almirahs but rarely wears them, but for some special occasions, she still wants to buy a new Saree!!
    Even though that might not be used much thereafter!! 🙂

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  2. I think saree is an elegant attire 😍, though I get to wear rarely here in Europe.
    Lovely Post dear 🤗

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  3. The poetry was good and you are stunning!

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  4. It looks very beautiful and elegant… and very difficult to put on! Haha

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    1. Lol…true.Have used a lot of safety pins to keep it in place


  5. Wow. You wrote it so beautifully. The grace and elegance d a saree brings us beyond match. Thanks for the beautiful share

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      1. And yeah you look beautiful 😊


  6. that last line says it all .. sarees are so elegant!

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  7. Good to beautiful wear saree…I think it is good to wear saree, it covers all the body properly🙂💛

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  8. I believe the most elegant Indian attire! And it suits you a lot 👍👍


  9. Sarees are enhances a beauty of a woman. You said it very nice, Meena and you are looking very graceful too.

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  10. Indeed, Sari is the most beautiful Indian outfit.

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  11. Emptiness Hasan October 2, 2019 — 5:03 pm

    lovely Dear

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  12. Omg simply ecstatic

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  13. Oh god…can’t resist …


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