Opt for peace….

I am Strong, but I am not Stupid,
I will not react each time I am attacked,
I will save my energy for bigger battles,
And take you down like a baby with a rattle.....

Yesterday I was provoked to retaliate to some really blatant hurtful words. Usually I would get into the mindless altercation destroying my peace of mind.

But this time before uttering anything, I paused for a while and weighed the pros and cons and being silent outweighed the pro rank and I am glad I made that choice coz not only a hurtful conversation was avoided but my non reaction to the hurtful comments infuriated the person and hopefully he got the message that my silence is my self defense and he stopped his shameful demeanor.

Was I hurt by his behaviour? Yes

Was I tempted to react? Oh hell! Yes…

But I stepped back for the first time in my life and gave tranquility more importance than getting even…

How many times have we been in situations where our silence for a few minutes could have avoided a lot of unnecessary conflict. No, I am not talking about saving a relationship here. I am only asserting to give serenity more importance than retribution.

Every fight does not need reaction. True strength lies in walking away from the nonsense with your head held high. Let go and look in the better direction

Choose your battles wisely. Fight only if it is important and staying silent will alter your life in any way….

How did I control the temptation to lash back? Well, as cliched as it may sound, I took a deep breath, chanted a mantra and distracted myself by chatting and laughing with a dear friend. I maybe still hurt thinking about it but the impact is not that strong anymore.

We do not need to react to every opinion, every comment or every situation.

Kick the drama and keep going ahead….

Have a nice day!!!

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20 thoughts on “Opt for peace….

  1. Good decision. Keep calm.

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  2. Yes at times remaining silent serves our purpose.
    However if a rampaging, threatening bull is after us for a kill, we have to fight.

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  3. It all depends on the situation.
    If furious reaction is required, i never hesitate because other person should not think that I am weak… but sometimes silence is golden. It gives me as well the other person an opportunity to contemplate the situation.

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  4. Nice one Meena, and deep breathing still works for many of us.

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  5. Nice one Meena. Your silence made the difference.

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  6. It has been said and proved time and again that the silence of the good people arms the evil doers. Next time, you may need to examine the consequences of remaining silent..

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    1. Anything that works to bring peace in life

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  7. Very well said, Meena and a good decision you have taken. Lovely picture too of being to oneself.

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      1. Of course 😊😊😊 u will Meena

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  8. Proud of you Meena for making the wiser choice. IT takes more strength to walk away than it does to stand and fight. Blessings to you!

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    1. Thanks a lot dear.I just hope I can continue it..

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  9. Sometimes, silence is the best reply to a fool.

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  10. Letting go and not responding is the best solution but sometimes giving back a fitting reply gives me peace of mind!

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    1. Ya..even I dont know how long I can continue with the silent treatment 😀

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  11. i get shit from my son
    the one who wants
    to remain unborn
    sorry sonny
    too late
    but yes peace
    is the goal
    sans anyone else!

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  12. I applaud your common sense. Waiting, remaining calm, and allowing peace to intervene are effective tools. Your use of silence disengages the negativity from the conversation.

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  13. Emptiness Hasan October 2, 2019 — 5:04 pm

    khamoshiya alfaaz hai.. Well said Meena.. God Bless you

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