Be Brave..

Noone may come to lift you up,
But many will come to tear you down,
Dont beat yourself up for what life could have been,
And die away in the life between,
Dont let fate inflict its torture on you,
Master your destiny and be your own queen,
Build your self confidence with self realization,
Coz your present situation is not your final destination...
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21 thoughts on “Be Brave..

  1. A powerful reminder to us all Meena!

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    1. Needed to remind myself too today😊


  2. devil goats to left
    angel sheep to right
    choose well
    do tell
    hoot! hoot!
    caaalm down!
    not a chance in hades

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  3. Nice. The last line is beautiful ‘Coz your present situation is not your final destination’.

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  4. Wonderful and so positive!

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  5. True, and well represented!!

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  6. True words of wisdom and reality πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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  7. So true! With perseverance and faith, we can conquer and vanquish the ghosts of our past.

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