Superstitions are beliefs,
That are born out of fear,
It is the religion of feeble minds,
The wrack of senses left behind,
It is a main source of cruelty,
Cowardice in the face of divine,
That is made to manifest by an awful sign. ..

Even though I call myself educated and a fairly rational person, I still have this nagging fear that if I am very happy one day, the next day sadness will definitely come. And several times I wait for someone else to cross if a black cat crosses my path. I call myself a good human, but I wait for someone else to cross so that bad luck doesnt strike me, then why am I fine that someone else passes and gets all the bad luck πŸ˜₯.

Fighting all logics I still hang seven chilles and a lemon outside my house hoping goddess of misfortune will eat it and not enter my home. Some of my coincidences are reaffirmed by repeated coincidences. My logical mind acknowledges that they are mere coincidences but I still havent been able to convince my heart of it πŸ˜€.

I may not be very superstitious but I still avoid no 13 like it is ominous and fatalistic.

The urge of security and material welfare is so intense in us that we hold on to these beliefs and allow our lives to be regulated by them.

Illiteracy and lack of knowledge and capacity to reason generate and perpetuate Superstition.

There is a continuous conflict between logic and fear and at most times fear triumphs over scientific reasoning. Superstitions fill our lives with unnecessary anxiety and fear leading to mental suffering.

And unknowingly we impart these fears to our children as Our kids learn watching us.

Sometimes I see a black cat in the garden and feel ashamed that how I can find this innocent godly creature a bad omen.

The only remedy to end this is rationality and scientific temper because as knowledge increases superstitions decrease.

I have made a firm decision to overcome my fears and not let my kids dwell into these baseless beliefs. Even if i suffer some loss initially, I will convince myself that it is due to my judgement errors and not because of some innocent cat or anything else.

And each time I am happy I will laugh wholeheartedly without worrying about any sorrow or tears that might come later.

So are you willing to cross even after after a black cat has crossed your path?

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14 thoughts on “Superstitions..

  1. I am not lying, I crossed cats many times deliberately and nothing bad happened. Cats are also creature of God like human, how they can be ominous then. The best thing to overcome superstition is to not to believe in superstitions at all. The more you believe in superstitions, the more you get entangled in it.

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    1. True.Though I am guilty of following a few but m going to overcome my fears now


  2. Yes! As you said superstitions are irrational fears.

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  3. There are superstitions especially among the old folks here but we don’t believe them anymore. It takes faith I guess to overcome those fears.

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  4. Superstitions, like mean words, have only the power that we give to them. Alone and unbelieved, they a harmless and impotent. Great post!

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    1. Agree with you completely..thanks a lot dear😊


  5. very true… the part about being scared of how sadness will follow overflowing happiness is something i am trying to get rid of too… but i guess when you have trained yourself for long to do one thing its difficult to change and do something else right away…it takes time and efforts to break down a habit built over years..

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    1. I agree.Actually we will have to initiate and hopefully nothing bad will happen and only then we will get rid of these nasty thoughts ..


  6. I have stayed all my life in flat no 13. My best childhood memories dwell in that house and it has never been unlucky for me or for my family. I think it’s all in the mind.


  7. Good for you to overcome your fears, Meena.

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  8. An interesting post.
    Like you, I think of myself as educated and reasonable. However, there are some things that I feel uneasy about because of negative coincidences in the past. Some “bad omens” are actually good for me. It definitely is curious to know why these are so deeply rooted in our minds.


    1. Repeated coincidences and fears have kept reaffirming them but we need to be strong and overcome the fears before our kids also start believing them

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  9. We do cross every day in the evening while walking. It’s a permanent cat in the apartment!!
    I have successfully neglected many superstitions but a few are still there. Probably, certain things which we see from childhood, are too adamant to leave us.

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    1. True.Thats the reason I am trying to change so that kids dont adapt them

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