Be positive..

Walking down the memory lane ,
Trying to ease my conscience of its pain,
I expressed regret for my mistake,
Trying to erase all mistake from my wake,
But my heart whispered in my ear,
Enquiring for the reason of my fear,
Asking me to recollect and reflect ,
And gauge every thought I so quickly reject,
It's better to have loved and lost, it said,
Than never ever to have loved at all,
To learn te lesson and pay the cost,
And rise up again after a grave fall,
I choose to listen to my heart and not the brain,
And proudly old Hope's break loose again,
Everything changes when you least expect,

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8 thoughts on “Be positive..

  1. When we live in the past or the future, who is looking after the here and now?

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  2. I love that last line

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  3. rambling
    on now
    and perhaps
    beyond today

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  4. Nicely said and the photo is perfect for the words you share.❤️❤️❤️

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