Dont judge..

The agony was unbearable for her,

But all thought she needed to increase the threshold of her pain…

Waiting for the tumultuous storm in their lives to lose its fury, many experience mental exertion and stress in their lives and are often judged for their reactions and ability to combat it.

The ability to endure mental anguish is different in every individual and everyone reach their saturation limit at different levels. The slight throbbing of the temples in a particular situation for one person may cause a grievous reaction in another. It all depends on their mental capacity.

So is it right to belittle their pain or mock their sorrow or even think they are exaggerating their emotions.

Some people like slender twigs may snap off easily whereas others like old trees may stay strong for long before succumbing to the pressure.

The bottom line is that if a person has had a breakdown for something that may appear trivial to you, dont mock them or consider them weak.

If you cant help, dont…

But dont judge them coz u may think you understand ,but you dont….

Staying unhappy and sad is not their choice …

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9 thoughts on “Dont judge..

  1. Well said Meena! No person can judge another’s pain. Pain is a personal and immeasurable commodity.

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  2. Well said. Never judge a person for his or her clothes. Never judge a person for his or her first impression.

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  3. Thank you so much for following my articles so well.
    Hoping you are happy there.

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    1. Ur articles are very informative and it’s my pleasure reading them.thanks a lot for posting..


      1. Thank you so much for your precious time to read my articles.
        You are welcome in London soon.



  4. It’s very easy to find judgement in this world… Our friends and families need our love and compassion not judgement. Thank you for sharing your post on this.

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    1. U r most welcome. I am glad you liked it.


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