U may hate me a lot now,
But I know you actually love me a lot,
So firmly with an unruffled brow,
I teach you to appreciate the good things you have got...

The transition of Clark Kent to the great Super Man must be slower than my transition from Hero to The Villain in the eyes of my wailing Son since I did not permit him to miss his School today.

As a parent there are so many tough decisions we make and bear the irritation of our children. But tough love is infact a very loving gesture. Sometimes the best expression of love is a firm ,"NO" though it took me a lot of time to quit getting scared of making my kids mad and say it. Loving a child does not mean giving in to all his whims.
It is rightly said, "If you have never been hated by your child, then you have never been a parent".
I am confident that someday my kids will understand my love behind such denials and the sense of discipline I am trying to inculcate in them coz the undisciplined people are really slave to their weaknesses and often lose the game of life even before playing...

Have a blessed day!!!

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17 thoughts on “Antihero..

  1. Beautifully expressed! Parenting is tough. Or should I say ‘parenting well’ is tough. Great job!

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  2. Nice …Have a blessed day !

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      1. Thank you Meena !

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  3. I was just reading about how no matter how strict you are with your children, they will still love you and will usually forget about being mad or upset a few hours later. It’s far better to be strict and experience some short term pain than to let them get away with everything and have miserable lives when they’re adults.

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    1. son after coming back from school kissed me and apologized for his behaviour. Felt awesome 😊

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      1. Then you are doing a great job and raising a good man. Most children might realize they’re wrong but wouldn’t take the further step of apologizing.

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  4. i have no feelings of you
    one to the other
    you are there
    me here
    it is somebody
    else i crave
    and save
    my total animus fa!

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  5. It’s hard to be a parent and being a good parent takes thought and skill. I admire those who try.

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  6. Hi, would love for you to check out my blog and let me know what you think ☺️

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    1. Couldn’t find the comment option in yout post.ur writings are awesome.just followed u.

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      1. Thank you ❤️

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  7. Such a beautiful picture of Mom and son, Meena. U r doing the right thing dear. Do not worry..


  8. Great post


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