Love Story…

She was like Snow,
Beautiful but very Cold,
Her Smile was the chosen residue from woe,
Prolonged endurance often tames the bold,
A Cold heart is it's own worst punishment,
Piercing, impaling and puncturing her feelings,
She lived through all of it waiting for some therapeutic healing,
He was a total freak, wild in his ways,
With love in his heart but none to praise,
Unfortunately thrown upon by life's evil ways,
And then they met
and slowly their world began to change,
Endowed with wings of glorious range,
He seduced her mind and touched her soul,
And she slipped vaguely from her own control,
She found herself on the doorstep of love,
Her life was now bright as day gold and streaming sky above,
They knew their journey will have many bumps and pitfalls,
But their commitment and dedication for each other,noone can ever break it,
Coz against all odds and despite all obstacles, they know they will make it.....

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19 thoughts on “Love Story…

  1. Beautiful lines πŸ€—

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  2. Love in your heart

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  3. I just wanted to take my five minutes and read about your blog and now the clock shows me that my five minutes were actually forty. I guess that’s a point for your writing skills:)

    Thank you for following and have a great evening

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    1. Thanks a lot dear.means so much to me.sending lots of love and blessings ur way.
      Have a great day

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  4. Beautiful words and emotions! Love the rhyme scheme and flow!

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  5. Excellent πŸ‘ πŸ‘πŸ‘ lines of finding love and the picture was πŸ‘Œ perfect

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      1. Welcome 😊😊 😊😊😊

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  6. most beautiful

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