Her and Him

She was fiercely positive and a doubtless optimistic, 
He was a moping pessimist with no vision or hope,
She found love in all his lies,
He found her true love a lie....
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8 thoughts on “Her and Him

  1. nice Meeena.. God bless you

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  2. …and then she realized she’d been “casting pearls before swine,” who recognized not at all their value; and so she gathered them back unto herself, and adorned herself with them, to rise fresh from the sea, pearlescent and free…

    sending love to you, dear Meena πŸ’›

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    1. She maybe gathering now but everything is so scattered that she wonders if she will adorn them or get scattered along with them..
      Beautiful and hopeful possibility dear❀

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      1. so we came along and gathered her up, and gathered up her pearls, and we adorned her with them, and she shone with gathered light of all the love she’d given from within, reflecting back towards her…
        thanks for shining your loving light, dear Meena ❀︎


  3. Interesting indeed .That is the mystery of love life,there is little charm in love when both are on fire.When one is optimist and the other is pessimist the fire of true love needs to be ignited. Enjoy it thoroughly.πŸ‘

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