The D day..

Knowledge is important, 
Learning keeps ignorance dormant,
Investment in education pays best interest,
Quickest way to success and even the simplest ....

School is an institution that lays foundation of childs development and the years spent in school are the grounding years of their education. But school conducts examinations and then there are results...😱
Two days back was my children's open house ..the day their mother turns into a monster😈😈.....Nightmare of every child..
Every year this day is called the Black day in our house because each time I return, my inner demon is unleashed and the children bear the wrath of my fury...
But I was determined this time to react differently. All my previous strategies that evoked a lot of anger hasn't worked as yet. So I thought of giving them my SILENT treatment. I showed them how disappointed I was with their results and how sad that made me feel. Hoping that this will bring about a much needed change in their behavior, I spent the entire day in a gloomy mood. This was working very well and I began to notice some changes in my children's behaviour.They sat with their books and started studying buT later seeing doodles on the pages of their notebooks proved the level of their concentration .😥😥. But I thought atleast sitting on the table with the books was the first baby step and things will change for the better .
But what I didnt realise is that everything has a life kids guilt feeling had a rather shorter one..
Their guilt for making their Mommy sad lasted only for a day. The effect wore off and they went back to their normal routine. I realised that my plan has failed when my daughter took my mobile to play games and my son went to the playground to play football with his friends...
And here I am, a despondent me mourning the failure of my plan but determined to think of new strategies to make my kids realise how important education is for their bright future.
Coz Giving Up is not even an option when someone calls u Mommy...

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12 thoughts on “The D day..

  1. Hey…. I hear you that you want the best for your kiddos, don’t we all. It’s so tough to get across to kids how much we care not only for them, but for their future.

    School can be really hard and socially stressful for kids. I believe that most importantly, they need to know that they are loved no matter what, at home. One book I can highly recommend is “Hold on to your kids,” by Gordon Neufeld and Gabor Maté. Here’s a link if it helps:

    Hugs, you are both beauties!

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    1. Thanks a lot dear..would love to read it. Sometimes I begin to doubt my parenting ways and want to be sure m doing it right.


      1. You’re welcome :)) I think we all feel that way at times and hopefully it means we’re doing all right as parents 💛

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  2. might be there
    but in the good old usa
    it is a form of indoctrination
    i learned more on my own
    trust me!
    that s the ticket!~

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  3. A lovely read, Meena and every mother likes the best for her children and good you changed your strategy this time.

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  4. I wish we could instill the first part of this message with our current government officials. A good HONEST education is power. When people want to take away the power of the people they deny education. It’s happening now in our country (and has been for decades) by one particular party. I’m a retired teacher and have seen education in our R run state fall from being 5th in the nation to now being 26th. Cuts, cuts, cuts and more money to private schools (so much corruption) have lead to such a decline. I’m sick every day.

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    1. It’s really sad how they dont understand the importance of education and how their greed is affecting tr society at large


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