It’s my life…

When I listen to my mind , I am called heartless ,

When I listen to my heart , I become foolish ,

People will always complain about everything and appreciate nothing ,

So I reject the system dictating me the norms ,

In times of calm or even during torrid storms ,

I cant deny the flame that inside me burns ,

I choose to live my life on my own terms….

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20 thoughts on “It’s my life…

  1. Yep it’s your life, Amazing, and you are also looking beautiful!!!πŸ’›πŸ˜

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      1. @lways pleasure meena!!πŸ™‚

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  2. be strong
    walk along
    side by me

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  3. Very nice. It’s our life, we should live it in our way.

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  4. It is so impressive.
    Great to use your cute real feelings in writing.
    This line expresses the best feelings in the cute woman :
    ( I can’t deny the flame that inside me burns )

    XX XX

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  5. Man is completed. That is why, what you may like, another person may not like. As for me, I made a decision to live my life and not what people want of me, but what I want of me. I love your soulful thought.

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      1. Your posts are enriching. God bless you mumi

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  6. Your heart is more than your body’s most important organβ€”it’s also the essence of your spiritual and emotional being. Find out why listening to your heart is much more valuable than always making decisions with just your head.
    “A good heart is better than all the heads in the world.”
    β€” Robert Bulwer-Lytton

    Read more:

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    1. My heart is opening and softening…loved the post ..thought provoking. Thanks for sharing..

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      1. πŸ’”πŸ’•β€οΈ

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  7. Pretty indeed


  8. See your face is perfectly perfect beautiful indeed

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    1. Haha..u r extremely generous with your compliments

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      1. Lol its giving me high what to do….kidding

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