The End..

If it was meant to be forever, then why did it end ,

Why didnt it pass beyond that difficult bend,

And now my heart is shattered with no stings attached,

But those who play with the cat must expect to be scratched ….

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8 thoughts on “The End..

  1. You sound hurt. I thought as much, when I read the information about you, i noticed you mentioned about your three lovely kids. I went on hoping to see a statement read “my lovely husband”, but I didn’t see. I could not ask. I feel you are hurt. Take heart and keep loving your daughters. A better one is coming your way and you must be open and let the past pass your by. Love you mumi

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    1. Thanks a lot dear.but I do have a very loving husband that I adore.thanks a lot for ur well wishes..

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      1. Thank God. You deserve that. My worry is off the page.

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  2. Should I kill myself
    Or have a cup of coffee?

    Albert Camus

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