You overdid it…

He should have stopped punishing her,

Coz she herself was feeling very guilty,

But he stretched it too far,

She lost her elasticity and bounced back,

Her guilt washed off in her tears and her spirit stayed charred,

And now unknown venom fills the crack…

We all have committed some sins in life, things we did against our better judgement and then guilt creeped in and we confessed to bring peace to our turbulent soul being completely aware of the chaos and hatred it will bring along with it.

Such people dont want to escape punishment and dont even expect easy forgiveness. All they want is to deal with the consequences of their actions, put them finally behind them and start anew with the people they have loved and unfortunately hurt in the process of living their dreams.

They seek their forgiveness coz forgiving may not be able to change the past but surely has the potential of brightening up the future.

But care should be taken that the punishment should be of the same magnitude as the wrong committed keeping in mind all the factors involved and your any possible indirect role in instigating it too.

When the punishment is in control, it magnifies their guilt and makes them wallow in the sorrow but if the punishment exceeds, it brings hopelessness about the future and sometimes even rebellism defeating the whole purpose of confession anyways.

Then out of self defense mechanism, they begin to justify their actions and infact even shift the blame towards others creating bitterness and hatred which is detrimental to the relationship anyways.

They do understand you are hurt and need to vent out the pain and are even willing to face the wrath of your anger. But all they request is for you to consider their willingness to take all your punishments to save the relationship is itself a big proof of their guilt and commitment towards the relationship.

Always remember,”To err is human but to forgive is divine…So if possible forgive the people who may have hurt you and help in reducing the damage to save the relationship.

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6 thoughts on “You overdid it…

  1. lock em up
    and the keys
    is digest
    to confess
    against humanity!

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  2. Forgiveness is healthy and divine

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  3. I will forgive most people but not my abusers! I dont and will never forgive them for taking my childhood!

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    1. I understand dear Carol.I was talking about mistakes or sins, but what happened to u was an unpardonable crime.I hope they rot in hell for it.God bless u dear..

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      1. Thanks I hope so πŸ’œ

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