Play well…

Do your deeds and build your life with grace,

And when you meet the terror, proudly draw the ace,

Brave as a storm trooper and glistening like a gem,

What makes you different is not your problems but what you choose to do with them…

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13 thoughts on “Play well…

  1. I’m having difficulty understanding the last sentence.

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    1. Hey…what it means is everyone will have to face problems in life but what makes u different is what you choose to do to solve them…are u a quitter or a winner

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      1. Both, depending on the problem. Quitting is sometime the best option, as is winning.

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      2. Agreed but not without trying and giving your best shot


  2. thanks alot for sharing such an inspiring post…life is what one makes it

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  3. strange brews
    and exotic motivations!

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  4. Thanks Meena, such a great inspirational post you have shared. You made my day wonderful.

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      1. My utmost pleasure dear

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  5. Truth beautifully spoken. ♥

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