People spend sleepless nights because of rising clamour of voices around them,

And I cant sleep because of the deafening silence of my soul….

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15 thoughts on “Insomniac…

  1. The mind races and it never stops. Try meditation to quote the racing thoughts, to enjoy the silence in the moment itself.

    Have a great weekend!

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    1. What if thoughts don’t stop even while meditating

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      1. That’s when you watch the thoughts go by, like clouds from a train window. Eventually your brain will run out of things to think; or not.

        Have a great day!

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  2. Wonderful piece Meena, well said. Powerful thought in few words, bravo!❤️

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  3. close your eyes
    shut off your mind
    and sleep
    widows weep
    souls seed
    deep rems
    are necessary!

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  4. I hear you. I need a smidge of white noise to sleep. If it’s completely silent, ghosts from the back of my mind will rattle their chains…

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    1. My sister in law used to say she prayed a life of a labourer when she was growing up coz only tired mind and body gets peaceful sleep and the best life is when u get sleep as soon as u hit the bed…

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  5. Before bedtime … warm a glass of milk with a sprinkling of Turmeric Root, Ground Cinnamon, a tablespoon of Organic Honey, and a Dark Chocolate Truffle!

    If nothing else it’s very healthy and taste good!

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  6. It is great .
    Sleeplessness can destroy men and women in short time.The patients lose all their desires and can’t enjoy the life.

    XX XX

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  7. great words


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