All you have is “You”…

Perfection is pure fiction,

Its the flaws that make you more human,

Fall in love with the person you see each day,

Coz in reality your only limit is "YOU"...
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7 thoughts on “All you have is “You”…

  1. absolutely right Meena

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  2. True. People keep waiting for perfection and that time never comes, so better start with imperfection.

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  3. sin and win
    twin tower
    lost to terror
    and now in the night
    something that could be fine
    is still not right
    another of more of the same
    and unease
    so go away fast please!

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  4. Everyday I wake up; I look in the mirror and am sure to tell myself,”I love you.”

    With each day improvement is sought but perfection will never be a result. There is always a new day and a new way to approach life for a better result. Remain optimistic while pessimism treads the waters…

    Great writing; I love your blog it makes me think!!

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    1. And I look forward to your comments coz they make me think as well..optimism brings hope ..and makes living easier . ..

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  5. When we remember we are not perfect ourselves let’s understand that the other person you are expecting to be perfect can’t be perfect either. We are humans.

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