Hope in Despair….

She had big plans for her future,

But fate just didnt care,

Always trying to keep a sense of humour,

Even in the moments of despair,

Transforming every soliloquy into gratitude,

But traced to sickness and fed by solitude,

She wore an invisible mask of happiness,

To conceal all her painful sadness,

Her time will change someday she always said,

Coz giving up is the luxury of only the dead......
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15 thoughts on “Hope in Despair….

  1. Hope gives you a reason to live. When hope dies, you die too.

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  2. Faith, Hope, Love !

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  3. Powerful! Your ability to capture an idea in such brevity is remarkable! Well written Meena!

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  4. sad to say
    the familiar
    is only contempt
    add only
    when necesary

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  5. Beautifully crafted! Our faith fuels hope.

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