She passed on…

She led her life trying to please all,

Imprisoned by the fear of what will others think,

Her soul always remained on a catastrophic brink,

With a sea of crushed dreams and unfulfilled desires in her heart,

The terror of Socities Verdict played a crucial part,,

Carrying the weight of people’s expectations,

Embracing all agony without any hesitation,

And one day she passed away leaving behind all memories,

And a sad accumulation of tearful stories,

People came to her grave with fake tears,

And reviewed her sweet sad melancholy years,

Finally they said, “All afflictions behind Joy’s lurk,

Its tragic but now let's get back to Work"......

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38 thoughts on “She passed on…

  1. Well written! Many will relate to this.

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  2. You cannot please everyone all the time, for it does no one any good. Oh and along the way you will find haters (for a giggle though, check out Granny PottyMouth Hater Cake on YouTube unless you hate “Bad” language).

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      1. {{{giggling}}} knowing you’re going to {{{giggle}}} at Granny

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      2. Haha..I hope so..need that today

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      3. Beloved, I’ve a gift for you: When the next time you get stressed out, hold your left thumb with your right hand to form your space circle, then holding each left finger in turn verbalise something positive about the situation you are in. Give it a go and may peace and wonder of this day be with you.

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      4. Will try that surely..thanks a lot dear..
        In the meanwile I am watching the video easyasfuck potato salad by Potty mouth granny.Already in love with her.I just hope I remain even half as chilled out and humorous like her at that age and I will be happpppy.Thanks a ton for this😄

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      5. Keep a happy mental age of 12 forever and you will be fine, just don’t become an unhappy teenager! (all those thoughts and emotions to contend with)

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      6. Haha..I cant be an unhappy teenager even if I tried hard coz m a mother of 3 teenagers😄


      7. Oh the teenage mother years and how I never failed them (even those sometimes I thought I was failing) because I let them live! Little… and here I trail off in fits of laughter and expletives to complete my [To Do] list for this day. Happy Wednesday.

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      8. p.s. I had 5 of the not so little darlings, now they have teenagers and sometimes ask me how I coped, well only just sometimes, but that’s the hat I wore. As when it is necessary the [Only Just] hat is fine.

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      9. Plzzzzzz will need tips from u how to stay calm when they agitate u .m already fed up of their tantrums 😄


      10. Don’t stay calm, be real, just don’t hurt them or yourself or break the fine china.

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      11. Haha..seeing their tantrums I have started using melamine and the rate at which my temper is fuming I’ll have to shift to paper plates soon😄


  3. Ahem, there’s an age old saying for kids “SHUT UP!” and sometimes there’s the gold star answer to lots of questions “because.” oh and “Don’t make me angry, you won’t like me when I’m angry!” adding in a low voice “HULK SMASH, HULK BASH!” and of course if all else fails give yourself time out and watch them from a short distance.

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    1. I do the dont make me angry most of the times and nowadays my kids have learnt to give it a deaf ear..sorry for wasting your time.but needed an outlet today and u seem like a sweetheart 😘


  4. So impressive.

    I like this line [ With a sea of crushed dreams and unfulfilled desires in her heart ]
    You express the repressed desires well.

    XX XX

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  5. please you
    and your
    deity of choice
    then the rest
    will all fall into line!

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  6. A strong and moving piece. Well written Meena!

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  7. Your beautiful pics and post awesome combination

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      1. Pleasure is all mine


  8. Inlove this one

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