Happiness isn’t always my fate,

It is a Choice I make every morning,

Joy’s in the best and Hope’s in the worse state,

Always looking forward to another day dawning,

I have been in the path of stones and the wood of Thorns,

But I fearlessly take the bull by the horns….



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10 thoughts on “Choices…

  1. Why do we use that saying “bull by the horns” for thinking about it, it seems both annoying to the bull and pretty darn dangerous for the human. Never felt the need or inclination. So many sayings floating about that aren’t pondered too deeply e.g. It sounds far too Kardashian, tiny dog in a posh handbag, therefore I cannot imagine putting a cat in the bag in the first place, so no need to let it out!

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    1. It came from either bullfighting or rodeo when ranch hands would attempt steer wrestling. The only way to safely bring a young bull down is by the horns as if you grabbed it anywhere else, you risk being gored.

      Pleasant stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Powerful and empowering! Well done!

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  3. still smile
    all the while

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  4. I really like the spirit of this. Things are what you make of them and yes, happiness is a choice. Good one!

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  5. Wonderful ended! We can benefit from such a philosophy.

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