I am “Me”…

I am not snobbish, shy or weird,

But friends of mine have always disappeared,

While all are scared of being alone,

I always find solace in solitude,

While all remain enchanted with people with noble name but a heart of stone,

I am a happy loner in an unfeeling multitude,

But the fact is I make you uncomfortable,

Coz I am "ME "and you dont even try to be "You"

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14 thoughts on “I am “Me”…

  1. birth
    all the while
    in chic style!

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  2. It’s so important for people to be comfortable with just themselves but I fear social media often makes it more challenging for many young people.

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  3. Loneliness gives courage,
    Being yourselves gives uniqueness !!!


  4. So impressive and emotional .
    You trigger the feelings by your cute real feelings in writing.


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      1. You are talented to make your words be so emotional.You sound you don’t sleep at night much to write the best writings.


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      2. I am an insomniac but getting better though


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