Fake friends..

Is this game of life really a mistake,

How some people are really good at being fake,

When life seems emptied of all genial powers,

Like shadows they disappear during life’s darkest hours,

They seem too heavy for tremulous water to hold,

Always remember,  "All that glitters is not Gold"

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13 thoughts on “Fake friends..

  1. Love the photographic depiction.

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  2. how are you
    do they care
    i would
    not share too much!


  3. Your words create genuine and true impressions.

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  4. Hope the photo beautified your wordings…

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      1. πŸ‘

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  5. There is one person in life you can rely on for all time, one who will always be with you through thick and thin: You. Therefore it is imperative to have a loving relationship with: You. All other relationships flow from this one.


    1. p.s. If you don’t believe me, as me. LOL


      1. drats, I meant: If you don’t believe me, ask me. (typed to quick)


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