I am smart enough to know I am a fool,

The cargo of knowledge that I gained in the libraries,

Made me educated but not wise,

I wish to stay passionately curious, keep exploring and become a genius...

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8 thoughts on “Learnings..

  1. I don’t want to [Like] this as I feel it isn’t true, you are NOT a fool and there is wisdom found in some books, try Cat in The Hat or read a poem on wisdom such as One fish, Two fish, Red fish, Blue fish.

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    1. Will do that…but all books that I have read have given me the knowledge I agree but wisdom is a continuous learning process inspired by desire to evolve ..my personal thoughts…I respect ur opinion too though

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      1. But I surely will…thanks😊

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  2. it is all there
    whether you care to know
    concrete whilst awake
    then in ya bed
    shaking them rem dreams~


  3. Profound and true, Meena🙏

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