For the fear of being judged,

She always suppressed her feelings,

She wore a mask not to hide herself,

But to hide the pain of her shattered dreams …

Her world was utterly saturated with fear. She constantly had a nagging fear of being disliked or rejected by people and firmly believed that she would be judged and not understood by even people who claimed to love her. She did not want to be choked on the words she didnt say or drown on the thoughts she didnt share..

But as we all know, “People are very good lawyers of their own mistakes and a very good Judge of the mistake of others “. So she confined herself in her own shell and chose to become an introvert.

Because of these fears she chose to remain in the cage instead of spreading her wings and flying in the sky…

Why is people’s opinion about us so important for our wellbeing?

Why do we place the yardstick to judge us in others hands.Why isn’t our conscience enough to decide the rights and wrongs of our actions?

These sneering armchair critics who have no significance in our lives feed on our fears and insecurities and if we dont break free, they would begin to maneuver our lives steering it in directions set by their own perceptions and standards. And mind you, they aren’t perfect either. So why not make your own mistakes and choose your own direction…..

So dont ever restrict yourself. Let your mind embrace your dreams and allow your soul to dance freely. 
Coz people who matter wont judge and people who judge dont really matter.......

Because o

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16 thoughts on “Fears…

  1. Great words if truth and wisdom my friend, beautiful pic too 🙂

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  2. smile all the while
    the storm
    is the new norm
    top form
    red stars!~

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  3. Power resides where we place it. Either in our own hands or the hands of others. Choose wisely! Great post Meena! 😊

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  4. Pretty face meaning full post

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      1. Pleasure being around your blog

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      2. Wow …its mutual indeed


  5. Crave to see your smile …your hair style is so cool

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Pleasure

        Liked by 1 person

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