They all were my well-wishers,
When they thought I am inferior,
My success made me very lonely,
Coz they no longer felt invincible, sure or superior....

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13 thoughts on “Success..

  1. This sounds so familiar…people I know as well.

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  2. True friends revel in the success of others. Don’t let the fears of others tarnish the shine of your own success! You have earned everything you have, and most of it the hard way. Laugh off those people who can’t be happy in your triumphs!

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  3. you are
    by far
    more or less
    without any need to guess why!

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  4. Success is something that should be shared and used to inspire others.

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  5. You got key to life

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      1. Lol you already …got those wisdom about life I guess

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      2. Everyone does I think but the key is to implement it and I am still very far from that


      3. Is it …but your posts are so perfect…I am sure you are wise enough to understand life as whole…

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      4. Thanks a lot for your appreciation.means a lot to me ..


      5. I wish could do more in more genuine way….


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