Double standards…

Many people participating in the candle march protesting against brutal crimes,
Are the same ones who turn their faces away seeing someone in distress needing help.....
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14 thoughts on “Double standards…

  1. The world is full of pretenders, Meena. All we can do is not be one of them!


  2. How do we know this statement is true? For we don’t really know how any of us will react and I would like to stay positive in my heart. We can’t always agree Beloved.


      1. And agreeing to disagree is what makes it more interesting dear

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  3. Hey..and I do respect your opinion dear.hence I used the word many and not all…I agree there are good people like you in the world as well..stay positive as you are and blessed always

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  4. only the Samaritan came to the aid
    and only the foreigner gave thanks
    for the healing
    and that to this point is the feeling
    about human nature.s!

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  5. We can’t expect everyone to behave equally..Just cling to what is good!

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  6. I applaud your honesty and candor, much respect

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  7. Amazing


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