Simple things may not look very important for you now,

But they can bring the most happiness,

Let yourself feel the feelings that you don’t usually allow,

And feel the air filled with loveliness and blissfulness….

Our mental wellness needs more sunshine, more warm hugs and a lot more non judgemental conversations.

Everything these days is a set -track. SHUN IT for a while. DO SOMETHING UNPREDICTABLE TODAY.

Sit back and relax. Do something that is totally unexpected of you and watch the stress of your life melt away.

Don’t only exist. Start Living…

You have spent a lot of time, money and energy on your physical wellness. Take some time out to invest in your mental happiness too.

Coz a meaningful life is the one spent for fulfillment rather than Gratification.

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15 thoughts on “Wellness….

  1. Don’t only exist. Start living…..I love these words.

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    1. And we need to remind ourselves this each day..

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  2. Wisdom…

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      1. You’re welcome 😇


  3. Meaningful and purposeful life 🙂

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    1. May all lead that kind of life..

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  4. clean
    not missed
    all the while
    no matter whaat.!

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  5. Sunshine and warm hugs are nice!

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    1. And nonjudgemental conversations?

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      1. It is hard to seek first to understand before being understood sometimes. I am working on it! 😏 ( keeping it real)

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      2. Ha ha! Thanks for not judging me for honesty about a struggle!

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      3. I believe in non judgemental conversations..remeber😄

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