She not only suffered because of the memories of the past,
But also for the imagination of the future,
Her own mind became her fiercest enemy,

She herself created her unfortunate destiny….

Most of our problems are because we spend our precious time either regretting the past or worrying about the future, both on which we have no control over..
All we can do is learn from the mistakes of the past and live happily in the present. We all wish for a happy future but it is not only the intention but your conduct that will change your life...

So learn to live in the Present coz Today is tomorrow of the past and Future's Yesterday.....

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8 thoughts on “Overthinking…

  1. Your mind can work against you if you let it!

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    1. True…strange na we let our own mind harm.us


  2. Thinking and overthinking are my best friends. Can’t get out of it.

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  3. the thought of what we did
    and whom we became
    well naked is the word
    in all senses lady

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  4. So true. And our thought patterns get into ruts – which only makes things worse!

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  5. Foreboding, but yeah, overthinking can do that😌


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