When you are unable to concentrate,

Feel distracted and mind gets hard to control,

In order to check the rising tumult of the soul,

Get in tune with your inner self and meditate….

Sometimes we generally feel low and cant pinpoint a particular reason for feeling that way. It is the accumulated stress and toxicity that is wearing us down but our close ones cannot really comprehend why we are feeling that way because outwardly everything seems normal.

I have always believed that noone should be given the key to your happiness and real joy really comes from.within but am always guilty of letting the external factors govern my moods and more often than not my innocent children bear the brunt of my grumpy behavior.

It is especially during such times introspection is required. We need to sit back and Observe the invisible and hear the Silence..

So in order to make an effort to practice and not just preach it and to calm.the inner storm that keeps drowning me in agonizing sorrow I decided to meditate…

I had not done this before but have heard a lot about the benefits of Isha kriya meditation and how it has changed the lives of thousands of people. So I downloaded a video and embarked upon this journey in the hope to find some solace..

Initially I found it very difficult to eyes closed or keep my mind free of thoughts. It was almost like light is turned on and lots and lots of cockroaches have started spinning in my head but after a while.of hearing SadGurujis soothing voice I didn’t even realize when my mind was free of the clutter and my focus was only on my breathing.

With each inhalation I said ,”I am not the body” and with each exhalation I embraced the thought, ” I am not even the mind”

After 15 minutes of meditation as I opened my eyes, my son hugged me and I really felt blissful from within.. aware that such dark moments will keep coming and the external factors causing distress will not change…However I am hoping my way of dealing with them will change slowly and I will begin to handle the stress peacefully with courage,maybe even a little humour and dignity.

So whenever you feel low, just close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. And surround yourself with people you love coz there is nothing more uplifting than knowing you are appreciated and loved by the people who mean the world to you.....


11 thoughts on “Stress…

  1. Even I heard about Isha Kriya but never tried. By the way, much love to your son πŸ˜πŸ€—

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    1. I tried it for the first time.I.know it’s too soon to comment but I do feel.better doing it..And thanks a lot for your love for my son..

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      1. My pleasure always 😊

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  2. Meditation is a daily event for me. The more you practice it, the easier it is to block out the external, and the greater the benefits realized. I am glad you found a way to connect to your truer self and have found some solace in meditation. Its benefits will last a lifetime!

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    1. Hey Brad.When I meditated today I actually felt calm but the effect wore off soonπŸ˜„…do u also experience this or is it coz it was my first session.i guess what I want to know is how long does the effect of calmness last after meditation


  3. I stumbled upon a live stream on FB with Dr. Eric Perry leading a meditation session. With his instruction and voice, I did find some real sense of peace. My brother, Brad (see his reply) will be visiting me soon, and we’ve talked about this, so I’m hoping he will lead me until I can lead myself. My favorite mantra from Dr. Perry was to say, “At this moment in time, everything is okay.” I’d never felt that connection to just ONE moment in time before, and it was amazing. Good luck and much success as you meditate and find your center!

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    1. Good luck to u as well josborne. Do share your experience with us. I dont have an fb account but tried to find his videos on you tube but could find only one ..


  4. they are
    for and against
    but your words
    reflect wisdom


  5. Yeah only we can control ourselves..Stress free environment.
    A photo cute mom and son too πŸ™‚

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      1. You’re welcome Meenaa!

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